Slumbersac Summer Sleeping Bag 1 Tog - Simply Blue Stripes (12-36 months)


Size Name:0-6 months

  • PREMIUM QUALITY Sleeping Bag with blue stripes prints
  • SIZE 12-36 months (110cm when extended/100cm when folded), middle zip with protective ZIP COVER
  • SUMMER WEIGHT : 1 tog, for USE in room TEMPERATURES between 18 and 24 degrees
  • EASY CARE - machine wash at 40 degrees and low heat tumble dry
  • Outer/Lining: 100% Jersey COTTON, Padding: 100% Polyester
Guaranteed ship within 5-7 business days
Size Name:12-36 months

SlumberSac Sleeping Bags - the safe and comfortable way for all babies and children to sleep. SlumberSac replaces blankets and duvets keeping your child at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. A sleeping bag can help your child settle when used as part of the bedtime routine. Wearable blankets are ideal when traveling, on holiday or sleepovers as children feel more at home in their sleep bag. Your child is naturally more unsettled when traveling. The familiarity of their wearable blanket will help them settle in new and unfamiliar surroundings. SlumberSac sleeping bags come in six sizes from birth up to 10 years. Please refer to our size guide to help you choose the correct size for your child. You have a choice of four weights/tog. The Standard weight for year round use and room temperatures between 15 and 21 degrees is approx. 2.5 Tog, the summer weight is approx. 1.0 tog and is used in warmer rooms and suitable for room temperatures between 18 and 24 degrees, the unpadded light weight is approx. 0.5 tog and perfect for hot summer days and room temperatures above 24 degrees, the winter weight is approx. 3.5 Tog and suitable for room temperatures below 18 degrees. All our sleep blankets are of exceptional quality and are exclusively designed for SlumberSac in the UK. Made with 100% cotton and lined with 100% pure cotton - perfect for sensitive skin, they are all rigorously tested and adhere to the American and European safety standards. The filling is made from quick dry soft polyester fleece, which helps to prevent allergies and stops the sleeping sack losing shape and becoming lumpy. Our sleeping bags do not contain flame retardants and can be machine washed and tumble dried. SlumberSac offers a wide range of wearable blankets, travel bags, sleeping bags with feet, long sleeve sleepbags, light weight sleep bags, muslin sleeping bags and lots more.


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D Jackson
24 March 2018
Excellent quality. Washes well. My son is a terrible wriggler this makes him safe and keeps him warm. Lots of room to move.
M. E. MacKay
16 September 2017
This Slumbersac is absolutely LOVELY! Great fabric and wonderful design. I highly recommend this product and its company!
1 January 2015
Great product, reasonably priced. I had real problems getting my daughter to nap for longer than 30 minutes in the day. This product is so snug and soft that she now regularly naps for longer than an hour. Am just placing an order for a second bag now!
Roya K Rezaee
15 August 2017
The product washes well. the length is manageable. I am very happy with it. I bought one for my house whenmy grandson sleeps here and one for my daughter in law to use it.
1 May 2016
Annoying zip mechanism means fiddly bed times and angry fingers.
Although I'll admit my kid is definately on the 'live wire' end of the spectrum, he is often completely out of this in the morning wearing nothing with wee all over the bed. Not brilliant I'm sure you'll agree.
Caroline G
1 December 2016
Great sleep sac. Washes well. Warm and comfortable. Second one we purchased in different size.
11 December 2014
The best sleeping bag I have ever come across (and we've had lots!) Excellent quality.
lauryn haverly
8 September 2016
Really good sleeping bag, plenty of room, grows with baby with poppers under arms and zip at feet, washes well and good price

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