AUKEY Dash Cam Full HD 1080P Car Camera 6-Lane 170° Wide Angle, Supercapacitor, WDR Night Vision Dashboard Camera with G-Sensor, Loop Recording and Dual-Port Car Charger DR01


Size Name:1080p

  • Clear Video Capture: The DR01 backs you up in any road incident. Sony Exmor Sensor captures super-sharp 1080p video (and optional in-car audio) with 170° field of view and also performs well for nighttime driving
  • Emergency Recording & Loop Recording: Emergency Recording automatically captures unexpected driving incidents and protects the recordings. Loop Recording allows continuous use by writing over old, unneeded footage.
  • Extreme Temperature Operation: Powered by the included dual-port USB car charger and internal supercapacitor. The supercapacitor has greater heat & cold endurance and longer lifetime than standard battery technology
  • Easy Mounting: Easily and securely mount to your windshield in seconds with the included suction cup or double-sided 3M pad
  • Package Contents: AUKEY DR01 Dashboard Camera, Dual-Port USB Car Charger, USB Mini-B Power Cable (4m/4.37yd), Sticker Mount, Three 3M Stickers, Six Cable Clips, User Manual, 45-Day Money Back Guarantee and 24-Month Warranty Card
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Capture Everything
The DR01 Dash Camera utilizes a Sony IMX 3 Sensor to capture high-quality 1080p footage at 30 frames per second with a 170° wide-angle lens taking in every detail. It provides effective and reliable monitoring on all your car journeys. You'll have solid video evidence to back you up in any driving disputes or incidents-and total peace of mind whenever you're driving. Avoid the risk of losing insurance claims and protect yourself against insurance fraud scams. And you can connect to the GM- GPS Antenna (available separately) to embed precise location & speed data for fascinating trip tracking on free third-party software and greater protection
Easy Installation
Use the 3M adhesive pad or suction mount to securely fasten the dash camera to your car windshield in seconds. Plug in the included dual-port car charger and connect the dash camera via the mini-B cable to power on and instantly start recording.
Set and Forget
Conveniently records whenever you use the car. Alternative motion detection recording method monitors even when you've locked up and left (requires a continuous power supply).
Convenient Memory Management
Loop Recording Mode records continuously (in segments up to ten minutes each) and writes over old footage when your micro SD card is full. Never run out of memory or mess around managing it.
4-Month Warranty
All products are backed by our 4-Month Product Warranty.
- Micro SD card required (not included). Use a 18GB (Max) Class 10+ card such as SanDisk and Samsung formatted in dash cam for reliable performance
- 0 hours of 1080p recording with a 18GB card
- Included mini-B cable is for power only; not data transfer


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15 August 2018
After my trusty Transcend DrivePro 200 broke after 5 years, I looked to replace with another of the same. Reviews said the latest batch were unreliable so I looked elsewhere.

What a mine field this market is! I tried a Nextbase 512GW, but it was overpriced rubbish that didn’t last a month in the English sun. Then I tried a Vantrue X3, but that had sacrificed bit-rate for a fancy resolution, which made for blurry number plates and grainy video quality. Also the Android app was hopelessly broken.

Then I saw a review for this camera. It is half the price of all the two mentioned above, but it out-performs them both in two very important categories.

Firstly it uses a ultracapacitor for its power supply instead of a battery. OK this means it is only good for saving a video when power is removed, but these are much more resilient to heat than Li-Po batteries. My DrivePro 200 had a capacitor too. This will hopefully last as long being left in my windscreen in the sun.

The other area this excels is picture quality, more specifically bit-rate. If driving down a road at 40mph, and a car is coming the other direction at the same speed, if I pause that footage as they are about to pass, the number plate is clearly visible. This is better than most cameras at ANY price-point! Look for this on YouTube reviews for any dash cam. Annoyingly most reviews show driving down a motorway with all cars doing similar relative speeds. Find the review for this dash cam on a site called Honest John. There is a demo video of a near miss head-on collision. Pause it as the car is close. Very clear number plate.

My fancy £120 Vantrue X3 couldn’t keep PARKED vehicles clear at 20mph! If it isn’t clear it wont stand up in court. If another driver side-swipes you and doesn’t stop (its happened to me) then you need this quality. All the fancy GPS, Wi-Fi, smartphone app features etc are all for nothing of the footage is too poor to use.

The built-in microphone is important not for capturing my awful singing or my grousing at other drivers, but because it can pick up the sound of my indicators being on over the sound of my radio. If someone causes a crash at a roundabout by not giving way (BMW), then this will be their first lie. You were not indicating. Keep this feature turned on.

This camera was also easy to set up and comes with a good set of mounting options and cables, normally only seen in more expensive alternatives. Hopefully it lasts many years.

It loses a star because 50% of the time when I power on the ignition, the camera doesn’t notice. I have to pull over, and manually pull and reattach the power cable to get it to wake up. The LED is on the wrong side of the unit to be seen by the driver in a right-hand drive vehicle. This is an annoying and distracting way to start every other journey. The display brightness (which can’t be adjusted) is also a bit dim, and therefore hard to see in strong daylight or judge if the exposure levels are set correctly.
D. Davison
27 May 2018
Comes in a small sealed box, Connected to windscreen ran the wire around the window, under dash to cigarette charger in around 5 minutes. Dual Usb charger which is small in size, which is great. Set up was very easy, you do need a fast micro memory card as this does Full HD recording as it kept telling me whilst installing a normal card. So i installed a fast one and the message disappeared, The instructions book is in English. Comes with a suction cup connector, or you can use the supplied double sided sticky labels to connect. Included were several mini cable tidy clips which had sticky pads to adhere the cables out of the way. Date , time, record, Emergency save in event of crash has night vision which I will test next tuesday when I'm working lates. Overall very good device for the money I paid.
5 March 2018
Not a bad camera at all.

Simple to set up and has a basic interface. Attachments are of reasonable quality and suction mount worked well for me although sticky one is also included.

I would recommend a 32GB micro SD card for use with it.

Images are reasonable for such a low cost camera, not amazing low light but adequate I would think for most forms of identification.
14 May 2018
I've only been driving since December and after trying other cams (which of course failed and broke) I found this one and I'm amazed at what you get with it aswell as the build quality and HD Footage it records, several cable mounts for inside the car when you want to hardwire it in (not used them incase I need to move the cam to another vehicle), 2 different mounts for the cam one is the more permanent way and the other is the suction cup. The suction cup works brilliantly, had no problems with it falling off the windscreen, you also get your 12v plug for the cigarette lighter which has 2 USB slots and a power cable with plenty of length to go around the car. Now the 1080p HD footage the camera captures is crisp and clear and to be honest I've already caught a few near misses (some of my own oops!). I would highly recommend for the £40 you pay compared to other cameras in this price range.

Just a side note you WILL NEED an SD card which has a high write speed of 90-100MB/s or more otherwise it will give you an error about the write speed of the card and you won't be able to record anything.

Bottom line is it's a fantastic bit of kit for what you're paying!
Joseph B.
23 March 2018
I'll break down everything in the package and refer to them individually for the purposes of this review.

Packaging: simple and strong (and mostly recyclable!)

4M USB cable: Plenty of leeway for however you'd want to wire this in. My cable goes from my glove compartment, up the door pillar, across the windshield and to the camera. I still had plenty cable to use should I needed it.

Mounts: Choice of suction or sticky pads. Both mounts are smaller than I expected, which was nice as it takes up less room.

The camera: Unit lighter than I expected, but came with lots of protection around it. Recording quality is very good but you can buy better. But I doubt you can buy better for £39. Are you going to be able to make a movie with this camera? No. Will you be able to pause a video and read someone's numberplate for your viral shaming YouTube dash cam footage compilation? Yes!

Nice and easy to use, with very simple but effective settings. Audio recording is off by default, and if turned on will make you realise how bad of a singer you are ...

Cannot complain, buy it!

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